The Facts Of The Matter: An Exposé on Stacy Shiflett

What Does God Require When It Comes To Justice?
August 1, 2018

The Facts Of The Matter: An Exposé on Stacy Shiflett

The time has come for me to weigh in on the matter regarding Stacey Shiflett’s accusations against a fellow preacher.

I am 71 years old. My health is not as good as I wish it was but God has been good to me. However, I have always been willing to fight when necessary. Contrary to what some may believe I don’t like to fight but when I decide to do so I do not fight gently. If it’s worth fighting for its worth giving your all in that fight. Many fellow preachers have encouraged me to weigh in on this matter because of what they see being done to other men of God who simply are following scriptural principles. I am here to announce to you that Tom Neal is ready to fight Stacey Shiflett until he stops being a little man. I am ready to expose him and his accusers for what they really are and for the errors that they are making.

Perhaps the biggest reason that I am entering this fight is because of Stacey’s threats towards men who have stated principled positions against what he did.

Their fight was not against Stacey Shiflett, nor was it on behalf of Brother Cameron. Their argument was against how he handled matters. I have spent many hours interviewing and doing background checks on the parties involved in this ridiculous situation. May I start by saying we didn’t start this fight. We merely argued against the method Stacey Shiflett was using in dealing with this matter. He threatens anyone who disagrees with how he handled things. Now I am warning Stacey Shiflett. You have threatened my friends. Because of that, you are now going to tangle with me. You may gain a few friends who happen to be my enemies. Trust me you are gaining people who are not worthy friends.

The ridiculousness of this situation can be seen in so many ways to anyone who has the wisdom to look at it carefully. You who want to be angry because you are already angry will not be able to reason enough to understand the sensibilities of what I am going to say.

For those who really want to know what is right, I dare you to follow my logic in this article.

The manner in which the accusations were handled:

  • When Stacey Shiflett received an accusation from one person against the former pastor of his church he should have gotten on an airplane and flown out to see him for the purpose of getting his side. A phone call is not the way you should handle a situation such as this. But to make matters worse,
  • Even in his phone call he did not ask for the man’s side but accused him without giving him an opportunity to deny the charges. He had already pronounced him guilty. He is already decided that he was guilty. Nothing Brother Cameron could say mattered because Stacey had already judged him guilty.
  • When he denied the accusations, Stacey Shiflett did what he does in every situation when people don’t do what he wants. He threatened. He threatened to “expose” him. He threatened to attack him. When someone says they are going to expose a man who claims to be innocent, there is a problem. We must assume innocence until we KNOW he is guilty. However, Stacey unjustly threatened to expose what Brother Cameron vehemently denied.
  • Innocence should ALWAYS be assumed until guilt is proven in a just manner.

Now let’s talk about Stacey Shiflett’s handling of the matter with Dr. Jack Trieber.

  • If Stacey Shiflett felt that there was guilt he should have informed Dr. Trieber that there had been an accusation. At that point, he should have asked Dr. Trieber how he wanted to handle this matter and acquiesced to him. Dr. Trieber is older and wiser. Stacey had his agenda so he wanted Dr. Trieber to follow his unjust actions.
  • Stacey instead told Jack Trieber how he should handle the situation. In other words, Stacey insisted that he take his word for it because Stacey had taken the word of the accuser against the word of Brother Cameron. At this point in time, it is the word of one person against another. It is far too early to pass sentence.
  • Stacey Shiflett decided that Dr. Trieber wasn’t acting in accordance with his demands or in his timetable. As he did over and over again he decided to threaten Dr. Trieber. Am I the only one that sees the pattern of threats coming from this man?
  • Rather than giving Dr. Trieber the time and the opportunity to handle the matter in the way he felt was right he assumed that Dr. Trieber wasn’t handling the matter. Now, my friends, this is where you need to stop and think. Stacey Shiflett wanted Dr. Trieber to do is what Stacey Shiflett had done. He wanted him to react hastily. This whole situation became a problem because Stacey Shiflett reacted hastily and did not allow things to run their due course. The much wiser Dr. Trieber was not in a hurry to rush to judgment. He had not heard all the evidence. It was not his job to seek out the accuser to hear her side of a story. He handled things right. Only people who want a man of God to be guilty would be upset for Dr. Trieber not assuming the guilt of brother Cameron. Quite frankly there was no reason for him to pursue these accusations. A judge’s job is not to pursue the information. His job is to weigh the information which has been provided to him. All Dr. Trieber had received are accusations from Stacey Shiflett against Brother Cameron.
  • Stacey Shiflett, angered by Dr. Trieber’s patient wisdom, took matters into his own hands and followed through with his threats. I applaud Dr. Trieber for not allowing Stacey Shiflett to bully him into doing something hastily. The fact is Stacey Shiflett would only have been satisfied had Dr. Trieber done exactly what Stacey thought he should do. In other words, he was sticking his nose in another man’s ministry and business and trying to force his way.
  • In one of his absurd comments, Stacey Shiflett contended that it was his business because of Jack Trieber’s college. Had Stacey Shiflett had any integrity and honesty, he would have patiently waited until matters were handled and decided what he was going to do regarding his students. By the way, he later pulled his students out of the college.
  • Stacey Shiflett bought Facebook ads to perpetuate this accusation against Brother Cameron and his attack on Dr. Trieber. I find it interesting that his ads targeted Bible colleges across America. College students that had no need to be involved became aware of the situation. I am appalled that he would want this in the minds of college students when it had not yet been resolved. The problem is it had already been resolved in Stacey’s mind so he was going to get Brother Cameron one way or another.

Now consider the accusations.

  • It is amazing to me that anyone would accept Stacey Shiflett’s words regarding the accusations made against Brother Cameron. It was obvious that he was asking all of us to believe him blindly. Who makes a judgment blindly? Oh yes, I forgot, unjust people do. So Stacey decides to make a video accusing a man with no evidence other than what he says he “knew” and asks us all to believe him.
  • There are always two sides to every story. Here is a situation where we have been told to believe an accusation. However, it is our responsibility to hear the other side before passing judgment. The other side had not spoken. The other side had not presented their response. Before most of us could ever find out what Brother Cameron had to say Stacey Shiflett had put into our minds that he was a guilty man. It is such an injustice for anyone to pass judgment without hearing both sides of the story.
  • The source’s reliability. I will address this in more detail later. Suffice it to say that the credibility of the accuser is highly questionable. Most people did not take into consideration who the accuser was and why they might have chosen to accuse. I guess that means that anyone who makes an accusation against a preacher should be believed. Mark it down. There is more than one Potiphar’s wife who has made false accusations against a man because they were angry. Based upon the way he accepted these accusations Stacey, no doubt would have made a video against Joseph.
  • There was blackmail involved in the accusations. I’m sure you who accepted Stacy’s accusations so readily don’t know about this. When Brother Cameron was the pastor, a youth pastor (to be named later) had an inappropriate relationship with a married lady in the church. When Brother Cameron discovered this he and the deacons met with the man, who gave up his position as they sought to restore him. Eventually, the man left the church and begin experimenting with the things of this world including alcohol and drugs. The night before Brother Cameron was accused this man contacted him and told him what was about to happen. He then demanded money from Brother Cameron in exchange for silencing these attacks against him. This is called blackmail. Now, why hasn’t Stacy told us about this? Maybe it’s because he is being used by these enemies.
  • There are tinges of conspiracy involved in the accusations. The accuser and this former youth director have been seen together alone in public on numerous occasions. Make no mistake about it, in my experience situations like this are often conspiracies. They are the conspiracies of those who hate a man or hate what a man stands for.

Now let’s talk about the accuser.

  • For the time being, I am going to be extremely delicate but you can rest assured that won’t last for long if Stacey Shiflett continues to attack my friends. This accuser has a history that is very unsavory. Her husband is suspect in his character. Neither appear to have any Christian values. I will not yet go into what I have discovered. Suffice it to say that the accusations made against Brother Cameron pale in comparison to what I have discovered about the accuser and her family. Having studied her sordid FB page, I have discovered the accuser to be a godless, narcissistic, and self-promoting individual. Other members of her family have a history of accusing others. I personally believe that Brother Cameron has grounds for civil action against this accuser if he chooses to take that course.
  • Stacey Shiflett gave this godless accuser the phone numbers of several preachers. Individually, these preachers did their own background check and discovered this was not someone with whom they wanted to discuss anything without their wives present. These men, my friends, refused to return her phone calls. By the way, Stacey Shiflett did not ask for permission to give their numbers to this person. In fact, he had already made threats against some of these men. The accuser had no business contacting these men. All she was trying to do was to sway them into turning against Brother Cameron. One of the texts to my son even was threatening in its tone. When Stacey first contacted Brother Cameron regarding the accusations, he was informed that the only contact between Brother Cameron and the young lady had been by Messenger. Stacey said that he should be fired just for communicating with this young lady by messenger. Yet, Stacey wanted these other men to communicate with her by text messages. What man in his right mind would trust Stacey and the accuser when they use innocent correspondence as a means of attacking a man. Folks there are some evil people out there who are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing.
  • This accuser has made other accusations against Brother Cameron regarding other women. She has given no basis of fact. No other women have stepped forward and given viable facts that would stand up in a court of law. Obviously, Christians don’t seem to care about doing things justly as much as our court system does.

Now to discussing Stacey Shiflett himself.

  • When Brother Cameron decided to go and take the position at Golden State it was he who recommended Stacey Shiflett to become the pastor, believing that he could carry on the ministry there. Now I am going to speculate but it is based upon things that have been said to me. Often when a pastor takes a church he finds fault in his predecessor. I have seen this happen time and time again. I am not accusing Stacey Shiflett of jealousy but I am suggesting that it is a possibility that by taking down Brother Cameron he could increase his own stature. The more I read the arrogant things Stacey Shiflett says the more I feel his insecurity coming out.
  • Stacey loves to pat himself on the back for taking a stand, albeit an unjust one. His self-aggrandizing is nauseating. He sounds like he is a martyr in his own mind. He positions himself as a champion of the helpless. Helpless? Well, that is a subject for another article.
  • Stacey Shiflett has obviously been bullied some time in his life. I don’t know how and I don’t know when but it is obvious he has been bullied. A trained counselor who watched his video and read his writings said he immediately detected the signs of a man who had been bullied or even abused in his past. Stacey threatens in order to get his way. He viciously attacks anyone who defends the attacked. He reminds me of the punk on the schoolyard who fights someone and then fights everyone who tries to defend the one he attacked.
  • It is my contention that Stacey Shiflett should resign his church and seek extended counseling for his issues. That is all I will say at this time regarding these matters. There is more I can say later.

I want to deal with those who are applauding Stacey Shiflett’s actions.

  • For the most part, those who think he is a hero are those who have made it to their mission to be victims. They are committed to destroying the lives of others with their accusations. Anyone can claim that there was a cover-up but you don’t know if you weren’t there.
  • The #MeToo’ers. It is tragic that many in the Christian world have jumped on the bandwagon started by our society. The #MeToo movement is as unscriptural is anything you will ever see. Sadly many Christians have jumped on this bandwagon. In another article, we are going to explain why #MeToo’ers may not be victims after all. Oh yeah, that’s gonna make some of you mad. Good. It’s about time someone told the truth to and about you people. Maybe I should start my own #MeToo movement. It will be those who decide to be just towards their fellow Christians – #MeToo.
  • There are those who are fully rebellious against independent Baptist movement and always jump on any bandwagon that is attacking that movement. They are always commenting on the sites that are attacking the independent Baptist.
  • There are others who don’t like our positions on certain issues such as
  1. Separation
  2. Soul winning
  3. The King James Bible
  4. Confrontational preaching
  • Finally 18 years after he is gone to Heaven, the haters of Jack Hyles are always popping up their empty heads any chance they can find to blame Dr. Hyles. If I have ever heard anything that is ridiculous it is the accusations that Dr. Hyles is to be blamed for something such as this. Stacey Shiflett has done harm or assisted in harming Dr. Hyles. Stacey Shiflett cannot know the truth about any of the matters that people claim about Dr. Hyles. Quite frankly, I am a little tired of how easily we believe accusations and how quickly we receive blame against another Christian. I have and I always will defend my friend Jack Hyles. Stacey Shiflett could not tie Jack Hyles’ shoelaces. Stacey Shiflett is not even in the same league as Jack Hyles. Jack Hyles was a man of principle and wisdom. He handled matters with greater care and concern than any man I have ever known. It is foolish for us to allow someone like Stacey Shiflett and his newfound followers to have free access to criticizing and slandering Dr. Hyles.

Finally, I want to address the accused, Brother Cameron Giovanelli.

This week I sat down and had an extended conversation with Brother Cameron. I asked him tough questions. I quizzed him. I did my best to find out exactly what his side was. I am left with several thoughts regarding this.

  • Brother Cameron should be assumed innocent. There is absolutely not enough evidence to convict him. Plus he has claimed innocence, therefore, the burden of proof should be on the accuser.
  • Those who have treated him unjustly owe him an apology. Hear me carefully. It is wrong to jump on the bandwagon to carelessly destroy a man and his family’s life. Some of you have been careless. Stacey has convinced you that he has facts, but you don’t know the truth yet you have not had the character or integrity to find out the other side. Shame on you. I said, SHAME ON YOU.
  • Brother Cameron is not a perfect man. No doubt he has mistakes in his life just as we all do, but this is not one of them. If we choose to find fault with him it will not be difficult. We all have shortcomings. However, I do believe that he is a moral man. I believe that he has remained pure and has been faithful to his wife.
  • Brother Cameron has no track record of immoral or careless behavior. This accusation was the first and of course, they are doing their best to find others who will also accuse. The accusation should do nothing more than to cause us to carefully deal with the matter until we know we have the truth.
  • Brother Cameron’s family has been devastated by what was done to him. Fortunately, many men of God have risen up to help him and encourage him during this time. He is doing well because some people were unwilling to accept the accusations against him.
  • Brother Cameron has a right to be treated with justice. IF he was found to be guilty we have a responsibility to restore him. He is not to be discarded. He is not to be scandalized. He is to be restored in the spirit of meekness by those who are spiritual. Stacey and his ilk obviously do not fit into that category.

Stacey Shiflett made many mistakes.

His mistakes are far more damaging than the accusations he has received against Brother Cameron. Stacey Shiflett has attacked preacher after preacher for not agreeing with the way he handled things. He has misrepresented their words. He accused them of covering sin when they were merely criticizing his mishandling of the situation. Their concerns were not whether or not a man was guilty but how he was being handled. Justice is what we are all about. Justice means that we cannot merely assume guilt and pass judgment on anyone we think is guilty. It must be done slowly and carefully and wisely. Stacey Shiflett is not the judge who determines how justice is carried out.

This is not a threat to Stacey. I am warning you not to attack my friends or my family. Your bullish attacks have left Brother Cameron and his wife and children very vulnerable. My son reached out to help he and his family. You spoke to my son and you seem to accept his decision. I am warning you not to attack my son. Oh, he can stand up for himself, but trust me, I will do more than just defend him. I will fight against you and all who attack him.

David was called by God to be a man of war. This was not an insult to David. It was actually a commendation by God to David. When the story of Tom Neal is told I expect to be criticized for fighting but I believe that I am carrying on a noble profession that is often times shied away from by too many preachers. I hope that God will say to me, “Tom, you have been faithful as my man-of-war.”